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Major Transportation News

AASHTO: House P3 Panel's Report Recommends Changes to Reduce Barriers to Public-Private Partnership (9/18/2014)


Reason Foundation: Ranking Each State’s Highway Conditions and Cost-Effectiveness - See more at: htt (9/17/2014)


Star-Telegram: Top Fort Worth transit officials resign (9/17/2014)


KETR: A&M system launches think tank with eye on state policy (9/17/2014)


USDOT: Every Day Counts and innovation: a progress report (9/16/2014)


Dallas News: Pace of economic growth slows in Dallas-Fort Worth and most other U.S. metro areas (9/16/2014)


Texas Tribune: Perry Touts Legacy to Toll Road Group (9/16/2014)


Houston Chronicle: Road Squeeze (9/15/2014)


The Hill: Poll: 68 percent want more transit spending (9/15/2014)


Star-Telegram: Texas road debt: $23 billion (9/14/2014)


Dallas Morning News: Everything’s bigger in Texas, except share of federal highway fund (9/11/2014)


Texas Tribune: Natural Gas Fueling Stations Surge in Texas (9/10/2014)


CBS 11: Excitement as North Tarrant Express project nears completion (9/5/2014)


Dallas Morning News: Questioning DART claims about paratransit success (9/5/2014)


Texas Institute: Nearly 1,000 Transportation Leaders to Meet in Austin (9/4/2014)


Dallas Observer: Yellow Cab President's Ideas for Regulating Uber and Lyft: Make Them Just Like Taxi (9/3/2014)


Community Impact News: November ballot measure aims to drive road funding (9/3/2014)


Dallas Morning News: TxDOT takes first step in ending highway fund ‘diversions’ (8/29/2014)


Texas Tribune: Texas' Top 100 Most Congested Corridors (8/29/2014) Texas To Vote On Toll-Free Road Funding Amendment (8/27/2014)


Dallas Morning News: North Texas drivers question managed toll lanes (8/25/2014)


Star Local News: Transit agencies continue surveys to gauge demand, meet needs (8/25/2014)


Star-Telegram: North Tarrant Express should be ready in early October (8/23/2014)


San Antonio News-Express: Texas House increasing budget scrutiny (8/20/2014)


Houston Chronicle: State, federal transportation funding inching forward (8/20/2014)


The Hill: GOP senators predict highway funding will change (8/20/2014)


KERA: The Dallas-To-Houston Bullet Train Could Change Everything (8/20/2014)


ABC News: Government Wants to Make Cars Talk to Each Other (8/19/2014)


Bond Buyer: Mileage Fee Not Ready to Replace Gas Tax (8/19/2014)


Star-Telegram: Arlington’s pilot bus program is catching on (8/19/2014)


Future Science: The Do Nothing Approach To Transportation Investment (8/19/2014)


Trib Talk: The case against high-speed rail in Texas (8/19/2014)


Star-Telegram: Five things to know about I-35W expansion (8/18/2014)


Dallas Business journal: Victor Vandergriff: Why not every North Texas highway can be tolled (8/14/2014)


New York Times: Making the Case for High-Speed Rail (8/13/2014)


City Lab: Why Can't the United States Build a High-Speed Rail System? (8/13/2014)


Bond Buyer: No Easy Fix for Highway Trust Fund (8/13/2014)


The Hill: Road builders: Higher fuel standards would hurt gas tax (8/12/2014)


Community Impact News: Environmental study on high-speed rail from Houston to Dallas begins (8/12/2014)


Fort Worth Business Press: Officials planning new Interstate 30-Texas 360 interchange (8/11/2014)


Dallas Morning News: As TollTag turns 25, originals hang on for Dallas-area motorists (8/7/2014)


Bond Buyer: No agreement on how to pay off highways (8/6/2014)


Dallas Morning News: 41,000 mistakenly charged for DFW Connector tolls (8/6/2014)


Dallas Morning News: Highway funding bill highlights everything that's wrong with Congress (8/6/2014)


ABC: Poll: Americans Diverge on How to Pay for Highways (8/5/2014) State road boosters looking for big win on Proposition 1 (8/4/2014) Road taxes are rising, even in tax-averse states (8/4/2014)


Dallas Morning News: Transportation funding becomes last-minute political football in D.C. (7/30/2014)


Dallas Morning News: Senate passes highway bill to keep federal funds flowing to states (7/30/2014)


Washington Post: Senate moves to patch transportation funding (7/30/2014)


Wall Street Journal: Transit agencies get creative (7/30/2014)


The Hill: Senate Dems to House: Amended highway bill can be fixed (7/30/2014)


The Hill: Obama to Congress: Finish highway bill before recess (7/30/2014)


The Hill: House to Senate: You're $2 billion short (7/30/2014)


Dallas Morning News: Drivers in Dallas, across state pay price for aging highways (7/24/2014)


Dallas Morning News: Transportation research group says road conditions, congestion costing Texas (7/23/2014)


Dallas Business Journal: DFW's bumpy, congested roads are jolting your wallet for $1,700 a year (7/23/2014)


Star-Telegram: New Chisholm Trail Parkway ramp opens off I-20 (7/22/2014)


The Hill: Week ahead: Highway fight enters final stages (7/21/2014)


CBS: Schumer, Blumenthal Hopeful Senate Will OK Transportation Funding (7/20/2014)


Star-Telegram: North Tarrant Express almost finished, contractor says (7/19/2014)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Halfway through trial, MAX gains some ridership (7/19/2014)


The Hill: GOP confidence growing on highway bill (7/18/2014)


Dallas Business Journal: Ready for take-off: TEXpress Lanes will open for business on I-35E (7/17/2014)


The Hill: Jon Stewart tackles highway funding fight (7/17/2014)


Wall Street Journal: Obama pushes transportation money at closed bridge (7/17/2014)


PBS: Construction companies relying on federal Highway Trust Fund face Congressional roadblock (7/13/2014)


The Hill: Center for American Progress wants mileage-based highway fee (7/12/2014)


Austin Business Journal: North Texas' Loop 9 and other rail, roadway projects put charge into Tesla (7/12/2014)


Bloomberg: House’s $10 Billion Highway-Fund Boost Shows Split Congress (7/10/2014)


The Trucker: Senate Budget Committee Chair warns panel of transportation shortfall (7/10/2014)


Texas Tribune: Some Worry Traffic Issues Will Stem Texas' Growth (7/9/2014)


Chicago Tribune: Boehner calls U.S. Republican highway funding plan a step in the right direction (7/9/2014)


The Hill: DOT celebrates Mass Transit Act 50th anniversary (7/9/2014)


The Hill: Lawmakers hit the gas to save highway fund (7/8/2014)


National Review: Cut federal highway spending (7/8/2014)


New York Times: Coalition prods Congress on transportation fund (7/7/2014)


Detroit News: Bipartisan compromise underway to fund roads (7/7/2014)


Star-Telegram: DFW July 4th revelers may face traffic mayhem (7/3/2014)


Star-Telegram: Texans still texting and driving, state says (7/3/2014)


Dallas Morning News: Uber is now parters with Dallas-based Mothers Against Drunk Driving (7/3/2014)


Star-Telegram: My take on Washington cutting highway payments to states (7/2/2014)


Transportation Secretary: Funding to states will be rationed beginning in August (7/1/2014)


Land Line Magazine: U.S. DOT will limit transportation money to states starting Aug. 1 (7/1/2014)


Houston Chronicle: TxDOT can borrow in event federal funding delayed (7/1/2014)


Texas Public Radio: Lawmakers Pitch A Gas Tax Hike To Replenish Dwindling Highway Funds (7/1/2014)


The Trucker: Highway funding bill put on hold for recess (6/30/2014)


Dallas Business Journal: Get ready to pay even more for DFW Connector TEXpress lanes (6/29/2014)


Government Executive: As Highway Fund Drains, Are We on the Road to Ruin, or Not? (6/28/2014)


Houston Chronicle: Democrats' platform to include women's issues and transportation (6/27/2014)


AASHTO: Florida Congressman introducesproposal to modernize TIFIA program (6/27/2014)


The Hill: Wyden wants transportation funding in place by July (6/25/2014)


Dallas Business Journal: State, federal gas taxes could both increase for the first time in decades (6/24/2014)


The Trucker: White House nixes bipartisan gas tax hike plan to fix roads (6/24/2014)


The Hill: White House opposes gas tax hike to fix transportation funding (6/23/2014)


Dallas Morning News: Why the fate of a Dallas highway matters to all Texans (6/22/2014)


The Hill: Boehner suggests nine to 12 month highway bill (6/20/2014)


The Hill: Foxx to state DOTS: The highway funding system remains 'dire' (6/20/2014)


Our Future: Transportation funding proposal forces GOP to face its tax phobia (6/18/2014)


Transportation for America: Senators unveil bipartisan plan to rescue the federal transportation pro (6/18/2014)


USA Today: The clock is ticking on fixing U.S. road and bridges (6/17/2014)


Bond Buyer: Moody's lowers garvees as HTF evaporates (6/17/2014)


Star-Telegram: Traffic shift on 820 bypasses some on-ramps exits (6/16/2014)


The Hill: Majority concerned about conditions of US roads (6/14/2014)


The Hill: Highway funding ideas labeled paper gimmicks (6/13/2014)


MarketWatch: County officials press Congress to renew transportation funding (6/11/2014)


Auto Evolution: Americans want to pay more on fuel for better roads (6/11/2014)


Railway Track & Structure: House approves fiscal year 2015 THUD bill (6/11/2014)


Forbes: Most Americans support federal gas tax increase if it leads to better roads (6/10/2014)


NBC 5: TxDOT to host meeting on transportation needs (6/9/2014) Abbott promises to fix Texas roads without tolls (6/8/2014)


Houston Chronicle: Transportation bill considered by Congress again bans Metro rail funding (6/7/2014)


Independent Record: Federal highway funds hit rough patch (6/7/2014)


AASHTO: Senate budget committee chair pens whaite paper on importance of transportation funding (6/6/2014)


The Hill: GOP transportation plan labeled another highway bailout (6/6/2014)


TribTalk: GOP voters are being misled on spending (6/6/2014)


Texas Tribune: What planned carbon regulations mean for Texas (6/6/2014)


AASHTO: House considering short-term extension of MAP-21 (6/6/2014)


The Hill: Wyden wants transportation funding in place by July (6/5/2014)


Politico: Texas Central sees 90-minute Dallas-Houston commute at 205 mph (6/4/2014)


Dallas Morning News: Fuel efficiency in cars taking a bite out of road funds (6/2/2014)


The Hill: Boxer: House transportation plan ‘unworkable’ (6/2/2014)


Star-Telegram: Population continues to soar across the DFW area (6/2/2014)


Wall Street Journal: U.S. to Reduce and Delay Highway Funding Beginning in August (6/1/2014)


New York Times: America's highways are running on empty (6/1/2014)


Dallas Morning News: Texas Transportation Commission gives expansion of SH 183 green ligh (5/31/2014)


The Hill: House to use post office cuts to fund highway bill (5/30/2014)


Star-Telegram: State awards contract for 3 Trinity River Vision bridges (5/30/2014)


Dallas Morning News: State approves long-sought renovation of State Highway 183 (5/29/2014)


Heartland: Hopes for a long-term transportation bill are fading (5/29/2014)


San Antonio-Express: From roads to rail: TxDOT head opens door to raiding road funds for rail (5/29/2014)


Star-Telegram: Arlington seeks to block registrations of red-light violators (5/29/2014)


Star-Telegram: Don't blame the clerks for cameras at traffic lights (5/28/2014)


Waco Tribune: With heavy growth, Texas needs better transportation (5/24/2014)


Star-Telegram: Chisholm tollway gives a new view of old neighbors (5/24/2014)


Star-Telegram: Uber easy: Car service makes Colonial trips in Fort Worth (5/23/2014)


StreetsBlog USA: Why the Senate transportation bill will devastate transit (5/22/2014)


Dallas Morning News: DART chief tells Senate panel federal transportation funds vital (5/22/2014)


Dallas Morning News: Sierra Club sues EPA to force tougher action on smog in Dallas/Fort Worth (5/22/2014)


The Glimmer Mirror: Texas highways Congestion is costing billions (5/21/2014)


Railway Track & Structure: House committee approves bill with reduced 2015 transportation budget (5/21/2014)


Texas Tribune: Texas gets poor marks in pedestrian safety (5/21/2014)


Houston Chronicle: End diversions (5/21/2014)


Fleet Owner: LaHood calls roads “one big pothole” (5/21/2014)


Big Country: Texas road funding troubles nab spotlight (5/20/2014)


Dallas Business Journal: Commuting on the North Tarrant Express: The good and the bad (5/20/2014)


Texas Tribune: Texas road funding woes nab the spotlight (5/20/2014)


Dayton Daily News: Highway fund almost dry (5/19/2014)


San Antonio Express: Texas needs to invest in infrastructure (5/18/2014)


Reuters: Obama's transportation chief Foxx takes on increasingly visible role (5/18/2014)


Star-Telegram: I-35W relief: Free bus rides downtown (5/18/2014)


Dallas Morning News: Roads alone won’t drive Texas’ future, new TxDOT chief says (5/17/2014)


Roll Call: Gas tax is imperative to a robust highway bill (5/16/2014)


The Hill: House silent on highway funding (5/15/2014)


Houston Chronicle: Rail system unlikely here, and for good reason (5/15/2014)


Dallas Business Journal: More large highway projects, and toll lanes, on the horizon for North Texas (5/14/2014)


Joe Straus: Use all of the highway fund for transportation (5/14/2014)


Austin American Statesman: All highway money should go to TxDOT (5/14/2014)


NBC: Watch your speed on the new Chisholm Trail Parkway (5/13/2014)


Washington Times: Obama to Congress: OK new cash for roads, bridges (5/13/2014)


Community Impact News: Highway interchange still causes problems at rush hour (5/13/2014)


Star-Telegram: New Chisholm Trail Parkway saves time (5/13/2014)


USA Today: Business labor groups urge more road bridge spending (5/12/2014)


Star-Telegram: Chisholm Trail Parkway opens - slowly (5/12/2014)


San Antonio Express: November proposition would change road funding (5/12/2014)


The Blaze: Obama administration’s plan for more toll roads not ‘free-for-all’ proposal (5/12/2014)


Star-Telegram: Good first Monday for Chisholm Trail Parkway (5/12/2014)


WFAA: $1.4 billion toll road linking Fort Worth and Cleburne opens (5/11/2014)


Reuters: Obama hits the road this week to urge boost to highway fund (5/11/2014)


Federal News Radio: House approves transportation, housing measure (5/10/2014)


The Hill: Foxx: ‘Impossible’ to maintain roads without highway bill (5/9/2014)


Texas Public Radio: Transportation Expert Says Texas Will Need $28 Billion To Maintain Roads (5/9/2014)


Dallas Business Journal: Preferred high-speed rail route goes above I-30, then south to Houston (5/8/2014)


Star-Telegram: Fort Worth T to host National Train Day event Saturday (5/7/2014)


The Hill: GOP senator 'skeptical' of Obama's $302B transportation bill (5/7/2014)


Houston Chronicle: King: Keeping roads clear can ease traffic congestion (5/7/2014)


NBC: Plans announced for high-speed rail to Houston (5/7/2014)


Houston Chronicle: Big learning curve on state transportation funding (5/6/2014)


Washington Post: Congress faces harsh choices for transportation funding this election year (5/6/2014)


CBS: Chisholm Trail Parkway set to open (5/5/2014)


Star-Telegram: Chisholm Trail Parkway set to open in Southwest Fort Worth (5/4/2014)


Dallas Morning News: New Tarrant-Johnson toll road hailed as traffic reliever (5/4/2014)


Star-Telegram: Chisholm Trail Parkway almost here (5/4/2014)


NBC: Chisholm Trail Parkway main lanes will open May 11 (5/2/2014)


Bond Buyer: Barclays sees value in bonds funded by deteriorating Highway Transportation Fund (5/2/2014)


Star-Telegram: NTTA begins cracking down on toll violators (5/2/2014)


Dallas Morning News: Poll: Most Texans favor ban on texting while driving (5/1/2014)


Fox News: Taking a Toll: Administration wants to let states charge on interstate highways (5/1/2014)


WFAA: Texas ratchets up pressure on Yellow Cab for critical safety violations (5/1/2014)


WFAA: Major construction begins on I-35W in Fort Worth (5/1/2014)


WFAA: As massive I-35W project begins, some insist more progress needed (5/1/2014)


Star-Telegram: The new braking point: I-35W remake begins (5/1/2014)


Star-Telegram: Transportation Dept. asks Congress to end ban on adding tolls to interstates (4/30/2014)


Houston Chronicle: Lot riding on Highway Trust Fund for Texas, like $3.8 billion (4/30/2014)


Trucking Info: ATA presses Obama on surface transportation funding (4/29/2014)


Yahoo: Boom time in Texas: Jobs, traffic, water worries (4/29/2014)


Bond Buyer: Researchers probe outlook for high-speed rail (4/25/2014)


Bond Buyer: Congressional inaction threatens bridge repairs (4/25/2014)


Public CEO: When it comes to reshaping metro areas, local leaders have more flexibility (4/24/2014)


USA Today: Analysis: Nation's bridges desperately need repair (4/24/2014)


Star-Telegram: Northbound exit at Texas 121/183 makes permanent shift (4/24/2014)


Forbes: Don't replace fuel tax with tolls, a new transportation alliance urges (4/23/2014)


The Hill: Obama prepping transportation plan (4/23/2014)


CBS: Crews busy trying to complete Chisholm Trail Parkway (4/23/2014)


Star-Telegram: Texas candidates for governor differ on texting and driving ban (4/23/2014)


Atlantic Cities: The key to saving the U.S. transportation system (4/22/2014)


Star-Telegram: Fort Worth proposes transportation fixes (4/21/2014)


Fort Bend News: Pickett pleads for transportation support at summit at Fort Bend Infrastructure Summ (4/17/2014)


Railway Age: DART test train reaches D/FW Airport (4/17/2014)


Fort Worth Business Press: The North Tarrant Express remains ahead of schedule (4/16/2014)


Fiscal Times: Hazardous roads ahead for U.S. (4/16/2014)


Community Impact Newspaper: 21st century technology manages rush hour traffic (4/16/2014)


The Hill: Lawmakers call for fix to highway fund using one-time revenue source (4/16/2014)


Star-Telegram: Critics invited to submit ideas to reform Texas traffic violators surcharge program (4/15/2014)


Houston Chronicle: congress is giving states the transportation blues (4/15/2014)


Star-Telegram: Nashville to Fort Worth: The T’s new leader Read more here: (4/13/2014)


Washington Post: Senators outline bipartisan transportation bill but others will have to pay for it (4/11/2014)


Statesman Journal: Bipartisan deal on highway bill renewal still leaves funding up in the air (4/11/2014)


The Hill: Five ways to ifx the highway trust fund (4/11/2014)


Dallas Morning News: DART delivers, gains new fans at Final Four (4/10/2014)


Texas Tribune: Surplus Projections Ignite a Familiar Debate (4/10/2014)


The Hill: Threat is growing of Highway Trust Fund bankruptcy (4/10/2014)


Chicago Business: Washington headed to another budget war over road, transit funding (4/9/2014)


Allen American: NCTCOG celebrates 40 years of transportation planning (4/9/2014)


Heritage Foundation: Why states and localities should have more control (4/9/2014)


CBS Dallas: Public Transit A Problem For Future Events In Arlington (4/9/2014)


Denton Record-Chronicle: Commissioners OK funds for state highway expansion (4/9/2014)


Houston Chronicle: Low spending might cost Texas more for roads in long run (4/8/2014)


Fleet Owner: Transportation funding not a Congressional priority, says LaHood (4/8/2014)


Forbes: Highway and bridge construction firms profitability declining (4/7/2014)


Atlantic Cities: 7 reasons US infrastructure projects cost more than they should (4/7/2014)


Austin American-Statesman: Texas A&M executive Joe Weber named TxDOT Executive Director (4/4/2014)


Star-Telegram: Mass-Transit Madness: Special plans in play for sports weekend (4/4/2014)


Bond Buyer: Rahall blasts transportation proposals in Ryan's GOP FY-2015 Budget Resolution (4/3/2014)


TxDOT: April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month (4/3/2014)


Wall Street journal: Sprawling cities face more car wrecks (4/3/2014)


Government Technology: Rule change opens the way for better train technology (4/3/2014)


CBS: Freeway changing policy will allow for driving on shoulder (4/3/2014)


Dallas Morning News: TxDOT launches campaign to help reduce traffic deaths (4/2/2014)


Star-Telegram: Toll lanes open for free Tuesday on DFW Connector (4/1/2014)


The Hill: Congress running out of time on highway funding (3/31/2014)


The Hill: Congress faces gas tax dilemma (3/31/2014)


AASHTO: New corporate partnership pushed for transportation infrastructure investment for economy (3/31/2014)


Star-Telegram: Section of Ric Williamson Memorial Highway nearing its completion (3/31/2014)


Star-Telegram: Arlington transportation program for elderly, disabled seeks alternative money (3/31/2014)


The Republic: Texas economy thriving, but experts say better roads, education needed (3/31/2014)


Progessive Railroading: Three mayors endorse high-speed rail project between Houston, D/FW (3/31/2014)


Dallas Morning News: No fooling, DFW Connector managed lanes to open April 1 (3/31/2014)


Fort Worth Business Press: Airport Freeway closures continue through Saturday (3/28/2014)


Star-Telegram: Fort Worth-Arlington firepower on Texas high-speed rail commission (3/27/2014)


Texas Tribune: Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth mayors back bullet train (3/27/2014)


Railway Age: DART sets D/FW Airport Station opening date (3/25/2014)


DVIDS: North Texas Tollway Authority releases the Trinity Parkway Project Final Environmental Impact (3/25/2014)


Star-Telegram: DART will launch service to D/FW airport four months early on August 18 (3/25/2014)


Star-Telegram: Council's compromise on city billboards a good sign for I-35W expansion (3/24/2014)


Bond Buyer: Toll road loan program poses risks (3/22/2014)


Star-Telegram: Billboard rule could delay I-35 expansion, ad firms say (3/21/2014)


Star-Telegram: Fort Worth City Council approves relocation policy for billboards (3/19/2014)


Star-Telegram: Fort Worth's Trinity boulevard closed, but for how long? (3/18/2014)


Star-Telegram: Vroom! Higher speed limits approved for North Texas (3/17/2014)


Dallas Morning News: TxDOT not spending enough on maintaining roads (3/14/2014)


Dallas Morning News: Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio rank as the #8 largest megalopolis (3/14/2014)


Herald Online: US transportation funding trends demand new funding source (3/14/2014)


CNBC: Funding shortage could delay US road rail projects this summer (3/14/2014)


NBC5: TxDOT, local leaders want speed limit increase (3/13/2014)


Digital Journal: IBTTA convenes tolling advocates on Capitol Hill to urge greater state flexibility (3/12/2014)


Dallas Morning News: There's encouraging national growth in mass-transit use (3/12/2014)


Streetsblog USA: With ridership on the rise, will Congress step up and invest in transit? (3/12/2014)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Speed up: Limits could soon increase on DFW freeways (3/12/2014)


Bond Buy: July cutoff ahead for federal highway funds (3/12/2014)


USA Today: Needing money for roads, states mull gas tax hikes (3/11/2014)


Dallas Morning News: At Grand Prairie’s park-and-ride, don’t look for buses, trains (3/10/2014)


The Fiscal Times: Why You’ll Need a Tank to Drive America’s Highways (3/10/2014)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Overlay district to dress up North Richland Hills (3/10/2014)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Country no more: FM 1171 grows up (3/10/2014)


Dallas Morning News: Three cheers to letter writers, DART (3/10/2014)


AASHTO: House T&I panel discusses value of public/private partnerships in highway projects (3/10/2014)


USA Today: Transit ridership reaches highest level since 1956 (3/10/2014)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: TxDOT launches new technology to reduce congestion for travelers (3/10/2014)


AASHTO: Biennial federal report finds continued transportation infrastructure investment deficit (3/10/2014)


Washington Post: Mr. Obama's risky transportation plan (3/10/2014)


Construction Equipment Guide: ARTBA: Where Will Transportation Funding Come From? (3/6/2014)


Bond Buyer: FY-2015 Budget Proposes $2.5B of Federal Transit Grants (3/6/2014)


Land Line Magazine: Transportation budget goes large, but will it pass? (3/5/2014)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Obama's transportation budget includes $50mil for Fort Worth TEX Rail (3/5/2014)


CultureMap: Tech-friendly taxi app emerges in wake of Uber Dallas hullabaloo (3/5/2014)


StreetsBlog USA: Inside Obama’s Transpo Budget: “Historic Increase” in Transit Funding (3/5/2014)


The Trucker: Alliance formed to oppose tolls on existing interstates (3/5/2014)


WUSA: $2.5B transportation proposal to create jobs (3/5/2014)


Washington Post: Transportation budget seeks revenue for rapidly dwindling highway fund (3/4/2014)


Finance-Commerce: Bill calls for ‘gross receipts’ sales tax on gas (3/4/2014)


Here and Now: How To Pay For The Nation’s Crumbling Infrastructure (3/4/2014)


National Journal: $302 Billion - Can we get there? (3/4/2014)


New York Times: A disaster brought awareness but little action on infrastructure (3/4/2014)


New York Times: Texas Pitches Market-Losing Debt in Biggest Sale: Muni Deals (3/4/2014)


Obama's Transportation Budget Includes $50M for Fort Wort TEX Rail (3/4/2014)


Bond Buyer: Shuster Unsure On Highway Funding Plan (2/28/2014)


Grist: Obama has a good transportation plan. Now we just need to raise the gas tax to pay for it. (2/28/2014)


Times Herald: Bumpy ride ahead through pothole purgatory (2/28/2014)


Businessweek: Ways of Rescuing Highway Spending Falling Off One By One (2/27/2014)


GPPR: The National Infrastructure Bank: A Cure-All for America’s Infrastructure Woes? (2/27/2014)


KRWG: President Obama Outlines Vision For 21st Century Transportation Infrastructure (2/26/2014)


Roll Call: The Giant Transportation Budget Gap in One CBO Chart (2/26/2014)


ARTBA: Tell Your Members of Congress to Fix the Highway Trust Fund! (2/26/2014)


The Atlantic Cities: Why More U.S. Cities Need to Embrace Bus-Rapid Transit (2/25/2014)


Pew States: As Highway Money Runs Dry, Congress Considers Lifting Toll Ban (2/25/2014)


The Houston Chronicle: With gondola lifts, planners have high hopes for transit (2/24/2014)


The Hill: Funding the Department of Transportation in a connected-car era (2/24/2014)


ASSHTO Journal: Foxx Warns Highway Trust Fund Problems to Hit before MAP-21 Expiration (2/24/2014)


PBS Newshour: North Tarrant Express to be finished by end of year (2/22/2014)


Bond Buyer: Political Courage Needed In Highway Funding Fight, DOT's Foxx Says (2/20/2014)


USA Today: Transportation secretary urges infrastructure spending (2/20/2014)


Tech Page One: Can IT solutions solve traffic woes (2/19/2014)


Dallas Business Journal: Uber debate: Dallas task force nixes idea to limit drivers' hours (2/19/2014)


Mansfield News-Mirror: Tollway authority approves its part in financing extension of Texas 360 (2/19/2014)


Get ready, North Fort Worth: I-820 exit to Beach Street to close permanently (2/18/2014)


Washington Post: USDOT: Cash running out for roads (2/18/2014)


Dallas Morning News: Obama wants more fuel-efficient delivery trucks on US roads (2/18/2014)


Fort Worth Business Press: High-speed rail plans take shape (2/17/2014)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Music City to Cowtown: Nashville man to take over Fort Worth transit (2/13/2014)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Fort Worth mayor announces city's first transportation czar (2/13/2014)


Bond Buyer: Bond-Funded Infrastructure Bank Bad Idea, Policy Group Says (2/10/2014)


The Senate reviews highway funding, readiness for storms (2/10/2014)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Brace for Impact: $166 million spent on I-30 didn’t fix the bottleneck (2/10/2014)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: New bus route could reduce gridlock, increase passenger ‘quiet’ time (2/8/2014)


Dallas Business Journal: Highway 183 construction from Euless to Dallas is next in line (2/6/2014)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Fast-moving trains may be headed for Fort Worth (2/6/2014)


The Hill: A bill that bridges the partisan divide (2/6/2014)


The Hill: Congress, local leaders can team up on vital infrastructure investments (2/6/2014)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Bullet train developers eye station sites in Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas (2/5/2014)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: DFW Airport to raise terminal parking rates March 1 (2/4/2014)


Dallas Morning News: Cars that warn of crashes next step in safety, government says (2/3/2014)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: State representative to host transportation town hall (2/3/2014)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Construction could begin this summer on extension of Center Street (2/3/2014)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: No car, no problem in far north Fort Worth (2/2/2014)


AASHTO Journal: Business Coalition Announces New Infrastructure Week Event (1/31/2014)


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Star-Telegram: L (1/1/2014)


Star-Telegram: We (1/1/2014)


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Fort Worth Star-Telegram: West Seventh bridge in Fort Worth to open Wednesday afternoon (10/8/2013)


Dallas Morning News: DART contractor fined $238,000 for falling short of goals (10/7/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Key Fort Worth bridge almost ready for traffic again (10/6/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: West Seventh Street bridge likely will open midweek (10/6/2013)


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Fort Worth Star-Telegram: I-30 toll lanes will enhance revenue (10/3/2013)


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AASHTO: Major Texas Expressway Receives $531 Million TIFIA Loan (9/27/2013)


Yahoo: Road Improvements along Highway 114 to Enhance Traffic Flow for TMS Race Fans (9/25/2013)


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New Texas rail director on board (9/21/2013)


I-35W in Fort Worth will start construction by year's end (9/19/2013)


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Dallas Morning News: Blacklands Corridor Study Will Address Transportation Needs in Collin, Hunt Co. (9/2/2013)


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Dallas Morning News: Plan to Shift Costs for State Roads to Texas Cities Pulled Back Amid Criticism (8/30/2013)


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Dallas Morning News: Editorial: State-Local Road Transfer Needs to Be Negotiated (8/26/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Officials Want TxDOT to Delay Cost-Cutting Proposals (8/25/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Major Arlington Thoroughfares Involved in "Turn-Back" Program (8/25/2013)


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Dallas Morning News: Big Bidness, Other States Seize on Texas Inaction on Roads (8/5/2013)


Dallas Business Journal: Lawmakers Break Gridlock Approve Transportation Funding Plan (8/5/2013)


Texas Tribune: Lawmakers Pass Roads Cash Plan Adjourn Special Session (8/5/2013)


Fort Worth Business Press: Roads Debate About Conservative Principles (8/4/2013)


Dallas Morning News: Texas Transportation Department Brings Distracted-Driving Simulator to DFW (8/4/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Editorial: TEX Rail's Delayed DFW Arrival Hurts (8/2/2013)


Fort Worth Business Press: Weary Texas Lawmakers Again Tackle Road Funding (8/1/2013)


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Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Editorial: TEX Rail's Delayed DFW Arrival Hurts (8/1/2013)


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Dallas Morning News: Push for More State Road Funding Stalls in Texas House (7/30/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Texas House Defeats key Transportation Amendment (7/30/2013)


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Texas Monthly: The Wheels Come Off Transportation Funding (7/29/2013)


Dallas Morning News: DART Orange Line to Irving Turns 1 (7/29/2013)


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Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Leaders Reach Deal on Road Funding (7/27/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Editorial: Legislative Slog in Austin Getting Tiresome (7/26/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Texas House, Senate Divided on Road Bills (7/26/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: HOV Lanes are Disappearing on I-30 - to be Replaced by Toll Lanes (7/26/2013)


Dallas Morning News: Project Closing I-30 HOV Lanes Between Dallas, Arlington for 2 Years (7/26/2013)


Dallas Business Journal: Last Chance for Texas Legislature to Pass Transportation Plan (7/24/2013)


Dallas Morning News: Mesquite to Continue Bus Route Connecting with DART (7/22/2013)


Dallas Morning News: Non-DART Cities, Here's Why the Time is Right to Join In (7/22/2013)


Fort Worth Business Press: Voters to Decide Tapping Texas Rainy Day Fund (7/21/2013)


Dallas Morning News: Editorial: Lawmakers Need to Get the Highway Deal Done (7/19/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Editorial: Transportation Plan Hits Some Rough Spots (7/12/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: DFW Airport Names Virgin Australia Executive as New CEO (7/12/2013)


Dallas Morning News: Virgin Australia Executive Tapped as DFW Airport New CEO (7/11/2013)


Texas Tribune: Lawmakers Piecing Together Transportation Funding Bill (7/10/2013)


Dallas Business Journal: DFW Connector Nearly Complete in Grapevine, Southlake (7/9/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Toll Tags Will Become Your Next Utility Bill (7/8/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: State Senate Committees Quickly Approve Roads, Sentencing Bills (7/3/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Lawmakers Consider Higher Sales Tax to Pay off Transportation Debt (7/2/2013)


Dallas Business Journal: Drivers Paying Higher Tolls on NTTA Roads (7/1/2013)


Dallas Business Journal: Lawmakers Get a Third Shot at Funding Texas Transportation (7/1/2013)


DMN: Automatic Toll Hikes Here for Long Haul (7/1/2013)


AP: Transportation Funding Bill Filed Again (6/27/2013)


The Hill: LaHood: Prospect for New Highway Bill 'Not Good' in House (6/27/2013)


Politico: Senate Confirms Anthony Foxx to Lead Transportation (6/27/2013)


DBJ: Abortion, Transportation Issues Return in 2nd Special Session (6/26/2013)


Cypress Creek Mirror: Gov. Perry Calls Special Session Focusing on Abortion, Transportation Funding (6/26/2013)


TX Tribune: In Abortion Fight, Other Bills Were Collateral Damage (6/26/2013)


San Antonio Express-News: Texas House Narrowly Approves Road Funding Plan (6/24/2013)


Austin American-Statesman: Transportation Funding Clears Texas House (6/24/2013)


AASHTO Journal: FY 2014 Transportation Funding Cut in Proposed House Appropriations Measure (6/21/2013)


CBSDFW: 35W Transportation Advocates Push For Highway $ (6/20/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Legislature Doesn't Seem Very Clear on Rainy-Day Fund (6/20/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Let’s roll: Bus service to Arlington clears final hurdle (6/18/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: End of the road in sight for $1 billion Grapevine project (6/17/2013)


Fort Worth Business Press: Perry adds road funding to special session (6/11/2013)


DMN: Editorial: Still a chance for Perry to address transportation flub (6/8/2013)


Fort Worth Business Press: Transportation officials determined to find funding (6/7/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Fort Worth drivers can watch dirt fly while stalled on I-35W (6/5/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Metro ArlingtonXpress bus service could begin this August (6/5/2013)


Fort Worth Business Press: Transportation and health care lost out to water and education (6/1/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Cotton Belt funding bill dies in Legislature (5/31/2013)


Texas Tribune: On Roads, Legislature Backed More Tolls, Debt Over Cash (5/30/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: DART approves Arlington bus service; adds language that could cause delays (5/29/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Foreign leaders back private development of transportation projects (5/29/2013)


Dallas Business Journal: A new strategy to pay for roads: Use oil/gas severance tax (5/29/2013)


DMN: Texas senators propose using half of future rainy day funds on roads (5/29/2013)


Texas Tribune: Senators Hope to Revive Plan to Fund Roads (5/28/2013)


DMN: D-FW area transportation officials got much of what they wanted from Legislature (5/27/2013)


DMN: Future Texas highway projects in doubt as Legislature’s push for new funds fizzles (5/27/2013)


Texas Tribune: House Rejected Late Senate Proposal for Roads Money (5/25/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Editorial: Opening the T board to Grapevine inclusion shows forward thinki (5/22/2013)


Dallas Morning News: Editorial: Texas highway funding gets crumbs in budget deal (5/21/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Going nowhere fast: Not much new money for transportation, state leaders s (5/16/2013)


Texas Tribune: Hope Remains for Partial Victory on Road Cash (5/15/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Riding rails at very high speed (5/13/2013)


Austin American-Statesman: Capitol quest for road cash appears dead (5/12/2013)


Dallas Morning News: Editorial: Day of reckoning on Texas highways (5/9/2013)


Associated Press: Perry gets more forceful on tax cuts (5/9/2013)


Texas Tribune: Perry Gives Lawmakers Roadmap to Timely Departure (5/8/2013)


CBS-DFW: State Bill Would Increase Car Registration Fee By $30 (5/2/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: N Richland Hills officials expect rail stations to create business (4/29/2013)


Washington Post: Obama taps Charlotte mayor to lead Transportation Department (4/29/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Initial work underway on Tower 55 rail project (4/28/2013)


Dallas Morning News: Texas Senate approves amendment to tap rainy day fund (4/24/2013)


Study: Dallas-Fort Worth commuters waste 20.6 hours a year stuck in traffic (4/24/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Transit center hopefully a catalyst for urban village (4/24/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Texas Gov. Rick Perry has a good idea on transportation (4/21/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Texas rail director stepping down (4/17/2013)


Dallas Business Journal: Perry supports sales tax for road projects (4/15/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Driving Texas lawmakers to talk taxes, debt and tolls (4/12/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Bill Meadows brought home the transportation bacon on state commission (4/11/2013)


AP: GOP plan uses $6B from Rainy Day Fund (4/11/2013)


Fort Worth Business Press: End in sight for area freeway projects (4/11/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Place of high-speed rail stations debated (4/7/2013)


Community Impact: New money for TxDOT: Lawmakers discuss potential funding increase (4/4/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Fort Worth may back split plan for Cotton Belt rail line (4/2/2013)


Fort Worth Business Press: Business leaders buoyed by success in transportation, water (4/1/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Study looks at rail options from Oklahoma to S. Texas (4/1/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Fort Worth officials hear pitch from Swiss train car company (3/27/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Arlington's Vandergriff appointed to Texas Transportation Commission (3/26/2013)


ReporterNews: Budget's extra billions targeted (3/25/2013)


Texas Monthly: The Conservative Case for Raising Taxes (3/25/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Parks or roads? Can Fort Worth bonds do both? (3/22/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Bridge work to cause traffic issues on both ends of downtown Fort Worth (3/18/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Station locations may determine high-speed rail's future in North Texas (3/15/2013)


KLTV: Grassroots groups call for end to state transportation debt (3/14/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Senate committee approves budget, more money for water & transportation (3/14/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Two new bridges will make Riverside an I-35W alternative (3/12/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram:DART tries to make Tarrant County inroads with bid for Arlington service (3/11/2013)


Dallas Business Journal: 4 major highway projects poised to snarl DFW traffic (3/8/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Arlington council says no to joining DART or T (3/7/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Cotton Belt rail project dealt a serious blow (3/7/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Vote could be start of transit system for all of DFW (3/6/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Panel approves contract for Interstate 35W road construction (3/5/2013)


Fort Worth Business Press: I-35 expansion takes big step forward (3/4/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Fort Worth, T officials work on master rail plan (3/3/2013)


Press release: I-35W reconstruction advances with commercial close (3/1/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Push is revived for Texas to ban texting while driving (2/27/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: T board elects chairman (2/25/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Backers of Cotton Belt commuter rail line seek legislative sponsor (2/21/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Fort Worth T swears in new board; Price tells them the goal is TEX Rail (2/21/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Texas legislators try to rescue state roads from a river of red ink (2/20/2013)


Community Impact Newspaper: Transportation forum panel raises issues of technology, demographics (2/19/2013)


Perry seeks $3 billion from Rainy Day Fund for roads (2/12/2013)


Dallas Morning News: TxDOT director Phil Wilson offers support for creating a ‘state infrastructure (2/12/2013)


Dallas Business Journal: Texas won't change gas tax this session, transportation official says (2/11/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: TEX Rail project is stalled again (2/10/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Transportation agency head pledges to work with new board (2/9/2013)


Weatherford Democrat: Opening of new section of Ric Williamson Memorial Highway (2/8/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Transportation projects, M.D. program pushed by local leaders in Austin (2/8/2013)


Lawmakers consider raising the federal gas tax (2/6/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Commuters' wasted time in traffic costs $121B (2/5/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: U.S. keeps building new highways while letting old ones crumble (2/2/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Some states consider selling naming rights to generate road money (2/2/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Fort Worth City Council moves to reshape T board (2/2/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Tarrant takes a hit in state House (2/1/2013)


Dallas Morning News: TX’ top transpo lawmakers pick vehicle sales tax to boost highway fund (1/31/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Gov. Perry calls for $1.8 billion in tax relief for Texans (1/30/2013)


Washington Post: Ray LaHood to step down as U.S. transportation secretary (1/29/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: North Texas is well-positioned as rail freight makes a comeback (1/27/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Council gives Cotton Belt Rail line a green light (1/25/2013)


The Texas Tribune: Lawmakers Considering Fees on Electric Cars (1/22/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Of Texas' Top 100 transportation challenges, 26 are in DFW area (1/17/2013)


Three D-FW roads included in Texas’ 10 biggest transportation challenges, report says (1/17/2013)




Fort worth Star-Telegram: Fort Worth development fee timing is not good (1/17/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Tarrant lawmakers urged to take a look at raising the gasoline tax (1/16/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Bare-bones Texas budget proposals need a lot of work (1/16/2013)


Dallas Morning News: TxDOT director says agency needs $1B alone to shore up maintenance budget (1/10/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: State leaders talk of tax relief (1/10/2013)


Dallas Morning News: Editorial: A letter to freshman lawmakers (1/8/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Let Texans vote on highway user fees (1/2/2013)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: North Texas agency seeks innovation in commuter rail funding (12/20/2012)


Fort Worth Business Press: T board approves new TEX Rail vehicle (12/19/2012)


Fort Worth Business Press: Freeway funding urged as legislative session looms (12/9/2012)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Challenges ahead in 2013 legislative session (12/6/2012)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Will new Texas lawmakers agree to pay for roads? (12/5/2012)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Unless you like to stare at bumpers, avoid I-35 (11/28/2012)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Temptation to text while driving continues (11/23/2012)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Texas Department of Transportation sees whether it's easy being 'green' (11/23/2012)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram:Huge deal approved to rebuild I-30 & 35E near downtown Dallas Read more he (11/15/2012)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Do radar signs motivate drivers to slow down? (11/9/2012)


Washington Post: Transportation policy largely absent from presidential race; Obama, Romney lack fun (11/5/2012)


Fort Worth Business Press: I-35W contract celebrated, next step discussed (10/22/2012)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Developer and Texas reach deal to expand I-35W (10/11/2012)


Construction on Interstate 35W north of Interstate 30 could begin by mid-2013 (10/10/2012)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Editorial The rising cost of bad roads in Texas (10/6/2012)


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: 35W Coalition Board Member Receives Award as Outstanding Educator (10/3/2012)


Dallas Business Journal: Report finds DFW drivers lose $1,543 per year to bad roads (10/2/2012)


AASHTO Journal: Office of Inspector General audit report highlights ways to strengthen TIGER grant (9/28/2012)


Examiner: Confronting the reality of declining federal transportation funding (9/20/2012)


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I-35W runs through the heart of Fort Worth which is among the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the country. Traffic congestion along the corridor significantly impacts the bottom line of businesses and the quality of life for residents. Believing that transportation is critical to the economic vitality, livability and sustainability of our region, the 35W Coalition brings together concerned citizens, business leaders, land owners, developers, city, county and state elected officials and transportation experts to advocate for improvements along the I-35W North Corridor from downtown Fort Worth into Denton County.


We invite you to join our efforts – the 35W Coalition is only as strong as its membership base. Collectively, we can make a difference, help drive solutions to our region's transportation crisis and “Keep 35W Moving North!” Click here for more information on how to get involved.